Mila Quarles Bio

(Piano and voice instructor in Boise)

Mission Statement
"We are dedicated to helping children develop total musicianship, and to providing an understanding and love of music that will last for a lifetime."

I was trained in classical piano in my home-town in Ukraine (formerly part of the U.S.S.R.). I have been playing piano since the age of eight, and have been teaching piano lessons for over 30 years. I believe experience is the most important factor in successful teaching. I have two musical degrees in theory and piano. I moved to the United States 2000. Music is my passion, and working with students and watching them progress to higher levels gives me a great deal of satisfaction and happiness. I have spent most of my time teaching music to all age groups from kindergarteners to adults. I like working with both beginning and intermediate level pianists of all ages. I specialize in teaching beginners and work with them up through college level. I like the challenge of teaching adults. I recognize that many adults regret that they never took lessons when they were young, or they just have a love of music and want to learn more about it. Adults are quick learners, but (newer students) cannot always obtain the coordination or develop the independent dexterity necessary to play at a higher level. I tailor music lessons to meet an adult individual needs and focus on the type of music he or she wants to play. I believe no one is ever too young or too old to begin playing the piano for the first time or to build upon existing skills. Although I am currently teaching in a childcare center, my passion for teaching music privately and in groups still remains, which is why I have maintained my own music studio. I am always trying to learn something new and I hope that I am never finished learning. And, believe me, it doesn't matter how many degrees you have, the learning never ends. I learn from teaching my students all the time!

One of the most beneficial and practical courses I have taken is the Harmony Road course. I have enjoyed teaching this program since September 2003. What a fantastic opportunity! I am very excited about offering the keyboard based music group class. The program is inspiring and exciting and it is my hope that it will help many young musicians get off to a wonderful start in their own musical lives!

Private and group piano lessons for children are available in the studio, which is located in Boise. Topics covered include development of music memory skills, singing, theory, solfege (do, re, mi fa…), ear training, proper finger exercises, sight reading, composition, improvisation and advanced rhythm techniques.

My lessons are fun, challenging, and tailored to the ability of each individual. Students are encouraged to participate in recitals. I look forward to helping you reach your musical goals, whatever they may be! However, those who just wish to play for fun will certainly learn to do so! It is my pleasure to teach you what I know about music and it is my personal goal to set you on a life-long path of learning about music. If you live in the Boise, Meridian or Eagle area and are interested in private or group piano lessons, please contact me to schedule your first lesson. Lessons at your home are also available. You may watch demonstration of harmony road  method on youtube. This student had only 3! lessons. See what Zasmin achieved.


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Tejay  Rogers' Bio

(guitar instructor in Meridian)




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